Mandem Inc. has over twenty years of experience in conducting Security and IT Risk Assessments for fortune 500 organizations. Our assessments and reviews are closely tailored to client requirements and needs especially if the requirement are for regulatory compliance or ongoing scheduled reviews.

Security Infrastructure Assessment
We evaluate the existing security program and associated processes and procedures within an organization at the Internet, Intranet, Extranet and Dial-In levels. This information is then used to recommend improvements on the current security infrastructure. Mandem will then configure and implement these recommendations based on Senior Management’s approval. This service offering includes the implementation of specific security controls or enterprise solutions at the operating system, database and network levels.

Attack and Penetration Study
We provide an exhaustive analysis of an organization’s security posture at the Internet, Intranet, Extranet, and Dial-In levels. Exploits are directed at the system infrastructure surrounding one or more mission critical systems or applications from an “insider” perspective. We also offer attack and penetration services that provide a “real life” test of an organization’s exposure to known security threats and vulnerabilities which an unauthorized user could exploit with varying levels of access and information.

System Administration Solutions
We will assist organizations in their efforts to achieve centralized management of security controls. The ability to centrally manage passwords, access control lists, inventory, back-ups, firewalls, auditing, alerting, software distribution etc., eases the administrative overhead on security personnel resulting in a greatly enhanced security posture. These services can assists an organization in evaluating security controls in an efficient and proactive basis with or without a security administrator function.

Technology Due Diligence
Mandem can assist independent investors better understand the underlying technology as part of the overall business proposition, assess the risk associated with the technology and proposed business model to gain enhanced perspective on the success horizon of the venture.

Fraud Detection & Prevention Services
Mandem can help transform control frameworks by rethinking the entire process from development of a technology control strategy through implementation of monitoring and performance measurement processes. We focus on providing organizations with control frameworks, fraud techniques and technology as well as the necessary awareness to achieve these control objectives.